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Volunteer Assets - Please add to list

PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 8:36 pm
by stephen23648
Steve Spencer wants info on the specific volunteer work we do and have done as Radical Rocketeers and I want to show what we have available for our use. I want Jim, Joe Dunay and Mickey to list the details of what scout troops, TARC Teams and Colleges they host so we can have references for our Non-Profit Organization status. Perhaps details can be shared in one of our Private forums so as not to divulge private information to the Web.

- Rocket Club at the Northeast Branch of the Warren County Library - an official Radical Rocketeer activity. We have a sizable room from 8 AM to 10 AM on the first Saturday of each (non-holiday weekend) month to hold meetings or hold building sessions with adults and families. I usually host between 1 and 12 people to build paper odd-rocs that can fly. I invite the attendees to come out to our monthly launches where the adults get free motors we donate for them to fly their creations. i also give lectures and the club participates in events like Makers Day and other special library events. This was started at the Mt Olive Library and moved to Warren Co to make for easier access to us founders.

- The Hope Chess and Technology Club - Sponsored by Hope Township, NJ. I invited Radical Rocketeers to meet as guests of the Club to show off their rockets to attendees, test the glider portion of our B/G's, R/G's and Flexwings as well as have building sessions. Children who participate get a "boost" in their school studies. We also certified a Teacher in Model Rocketry as well as hosting a local Girl Scout group for chess and our rocket building session.

Please list more of our activities in this thread.

Steve S - I want to know what more info you need.

Thanks, Steve F