Rocket Contest in June - The Art of Model Rocketry 2019

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Rocket Contest in June - The Art of Model Rocketry 2019

Postby stephen23648 » Wed May 08, 2019 8:42 pm

With better weather comes a Contest.

The Art of Model Rocketry is to be held at our June launch like last year. This year it shall have more prizes and be open to all members.
Three of the four events shall directly follow the NAR Sporting Code which can be downloaded from

Sport Scale - Additional Rule - Members having HPR Level 1 Certification or above may fly a scale model on an H motor, the only weight restriction is based on safety.
Classic Model
Plastic Model Conversion

Non-NAR Event:
The Art pf Model Rocketry (event) - Basic Rule - A rocket that does not qualify for Sport Scale, Classic Model or Plastic Model Conversion.
The rules are the same as Classic Model except the model may not be of a rocket that was produced as a kit before 1990 and it can be a Plastic Model Conversion as long as proof is provided that it does not look lie the original model in color and basic form. PMC Sport Scale models are also welcome since they are not allowed in Scale. Non-kits are welcome from any time in the past,
Maximum motor size - H Motor for Level 1 or above.

Volunteers are welcome for judges.

Remember you have to fly the model to win or place. Those who do not fly their entry are disqualified.

See you there.

Stephen E Flynn
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