Next Launch

Launches are normally scheduled the 2nd Saturday of each month, weather permitting.   Bonus launch dates are also added to the calendar from time to time, so stay tuned to our website for updates.

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Next Launch:
Date:  Saturday February  8, 2020 – SCRUBBED DUE TO FIELD CONDITIONS
9:00am* – 4:00 PM
Location: Godlewsky Farms launch site in Great Meadows, NJ.  directions
In addition to normal low and mid power sport flying, the high power range will be also open with a waiver for flights to 5000ft (conditions permitting).

* – Note that for some winter launches field and weather conditions may cause us to delay our start time a bit.    We’ll post the specific launch start time for each winter launch.    This may be refined up until the final GO/NO-GO announcement the day before launch day, so be sure to check for any such updates here and on Facebook.

Where practical, a rain date will be provided for scheduled launches.   That rain date will be either the next day or next week, depending on circumstances.  Be sure to check the site regularly before scheduled launches for updates on launch status and scheduling.

Scheduled Monthly Launch Dates for 2020:
Saturday January 11, 2020
Saturday February 8, 2020 (SCRUBBED DUE TO FIELD CONDITIONS)
Saturday March 14, 2020
Saturday April 11, 2020
May – No launch – Shop at the farm
Saturday June 13, 2020
Saturday July 11, 2020

Saturday August 8, 2020
Saturday September 12, 2020

Saturday October 10, 2020
Saturday November 14, 2020

Saturday December 12. 2020

* stay tuned for additional bonus launch dates!