GO for Launch – Saturday November 16th – 10am start!

We are GO for our Saturday November 16th launch. Please note the adjusted start time and special notes below.

Our launch will start at 10 am. This is one hour later than usual to allow time for frost on the field to dissipate. Please park on the field upon arrival unless directed otherwise.

It will be cold tomorrow and a bit breezy with winds expected from the northeast. This will carry flights out away from the flight line and off to the right into the fields. Please plan your flights accordingly.

Also since it will be cold tomorrow, we encourage all who plan to fly tomorrow to arrive so that you can fly by midday or early afternoon. When its cold it can become a bit of an endurance event for our launch team, so we’ll likely wrap up once everyone present is done flying.
Winter is on its way. Come on out and enjoy some flying before the true harshness of the season sets in.

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