GO for launch – Saturday June 8, 2019!

The weather looks to be setting up for a great launch opportunity, so we are GO for our Saturday June 8th launch. The launch will kick off at 9 am and run as late as 4 pm or until all present are done flying. We suggest arriving by midday for the best flight opportunities.

IMPORTANT: It is a busy time at the farm, As such it is required that we limit our parking to the field only! There will be absolutely NO PARKING permitted on the road and no parking across the road by the abandoned building. Upon arriving, please pull promptly onto the field so as to not impede any other farm business or visitors.

Just a reminder and request too. It probably goes without saying, but please help us leave the land looking even better than before we arrived by picking up any trash you see, even if it is not yours. This includes anything you might find along the flight line, spent motors, wadding, igniter wires, or any random trash you might encounter out in the fields. Round it up and we’ll help dispose of it.

One last note. The farm is a business. While you are out for a fun day of flying, please consider patronizing the farm by doing a little shopping at the greenhouses. Farming is a tough business these days, so all we can do to help our gracious hosts is appreciated. Thank you!

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