Next Launch – Saturday January 12, 2019!

Happy New Year to all!    We are excited to kick off a new year of flying with our first launch of 2019 scheduled for Saturday January 12, 2019.     As always, our launches are weather dependent so be sure to check back for launch updates, and a final GO/NO-GO for this launch date the day before.

Flying at the farm can be a bit more challenging in the winter depending on how Mother Nature treats us.    One common condition will be the potential for early morning frost on the field.    In cases where this looks to be a likely condition we may opt to adjust our launch start time a bit later (an hour or so) than the typical 9 am start.    This would provide an opportunity in some cases for the field to defrost a bit before we venture onto the sod.   We’ll post final start time specifics for each winter launch date along with the final GO/NO-GO announcement for each launch, so be sure to check for these updates.

The club treasurer has been working hard and among other things has secured a PayPal account for the club.    Watch the site for updates very soon with ways you can conveniently renew your club membership electronically using PayPal.


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