August 11th launch postponed due to TFR!

Our next launch which was scheduled for this Saturday, August 11th has unfortunately been postponed due to a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) in effect impacting our airspace while the President is in Bedminster. TFRs such as this shutdown the airspace to activities, including rocketry, for a 30 mile perimeter around Bedminster, NJ. We are unfortunately within that radius.

The current TFR is in effect through Monday August 13th. Therefore we have now moved our launch date to Saturday August 18, 2018. Fingers crossed that nothing interferes with that date.

Longer term we are exploring what avenues we have to get clearance to conduct our launches even when a TFR is in effect. Can’t promise anything, but given that we are a good distance from Bedminster, its at least worth a shot.

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