Next Launch and Contest – Saturday April 21, 2018!

Our attending members had a great weekend at the Red Glare XIX launch in Maryland, where rockets as heavy as 600 pounds took to the air! Nothing whets the appetite for flying rockets more than watching rockets fly.

Our next launch is coming up this weekend on Saturday April 21, 2018. In addition to low, mid, and high power sport flying, our contest director will be hosting the Mid Atlantic Open 2018 contest. The fun kicks off at 9 am Saturday and runs as late as 4 pm. We hope to see you there! 🙂 Check back in Friday evening for a final GO/NO-GO for this launch based on the latest weather outlook.

For those looking to compete in the Mid Atlantic Open 2018, the contest events are as follows:
C Egg Lofting Altitude
A Payload Altitude
A Streamer Duration
A Helicopter Duration
1/2A Parachute Duration
1/2A Boost Glide Duration

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