Next launch Saturday October 10, 2020!

Or next launch is scheduled for this Saturday October 10, 2020. The current weather outlook is unseasonably warm. If the weather outlook changes we’ll post an update on launch status by Friday evening.

The fun kicks off 9 am Saturday. Hope to see you there.

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GO for launch – Saturday Sept 12, 2020!!!

After all too many months of being grounded, we are GO for a return to flight on Saturday September 12th! This will be our first launch since February!

A couple of important protocol reminders:

1. Social distancing requirements will be in effect in all areas outside of your prep area. A mask should be worn when you will be within 6 feet of anyone other than a family member.

2. We expect to be parking on the field. If that changes for any reason you will be redirected upon your arrival. Whatever the scenario, it is critical that you do not park in a way which would obstruct traffic on the access road.

Very important reminder — We are able to fly at the farm thanks to the graciousness of our hosts and landowners. It has been an especially tough period this year for them, so please go out of your way to shop while you are at the farm or support them in some other way. We all need to show our gratitude and respect for the land and the access we are granted.

Now go prep a few rockets and we’ll see you at the farm! The fun kicks off at 9 am Saturday morning.

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August 15th launch scrubbed

We had hoped to fly this weekend, but the President is in town again resulting in flight restrictions which keep us grounded. Stay tuned here and on our Facebook page for updates on a new launch date.

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July 11th Launch is Scrubbed due to Weather and Wet Field

Stay tuned for possible re-schedule

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No Launches in April And May

Due to Covid-19 , The Radical Rocketeers are scrubbing our launches for April and May.

Stay Healthy!

We will evaluate the June launch as we get closer to that date

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March 14, 2020 – Launch Scrubbed

Important Update Regarding our scheduled March 14th launch. After deep consideration and discussion with the Board and other interested parties, we are now opting to scrub the March 14th launch.

We will be monitoring the public health situation presented by COVID-19. We are certainly eager to fly, but must do so in consideration of everyone’s health and safety. We will be back on the field as soon as the situation allows. Stay tuned for future updates and stay well. There is good season of flying ahead for us all once we weather this storm.

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GO for Launch – Saturday February 15, 2020!

We are GO for launch, Saturday February 15, 2020! Please read the following important details:

1. It will be very cold tomorrow, so we expect to wrap up early. Let’s try to get our flights in by midday. Of course, be sure to dress warmly!

2. With the cold weather and freezing conditions we may need to adjust parking. Please follow any special parking directions you may receive upon arrival. If that involves parking along the access road instead of on the field, pull to the side of the road so as not to impede any traffic which needs to get by.

The launch kicks off at 9 am! We hope you’ll come out and enjoy a few hours of winter flying on the farm.

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Online Membership is now Live

You can join Radical Rocketeers for 2020 and Pay your dues online!!

Join Here!

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GO for first launch of 2020 – Saturday January 11th!

Our first launch of 2020 will be tomorrow January 11th.   The fun kicks off at 9 am!   Our team may need to wrap up a little early tomorrow so please try to arrive in the morning for the best shot at flying.

Weather-wise we are expecting unseasonably mild temperatures likely accompanied by a moderate southwest breeze.   While we will have lots of clouds, the shower chances have been drying up in the forecast.   It should be a fun time! ?

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